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Welcome to our city. Mumbai as we see it, we invite you to discover our home, in all its true COLOURS.

Mumbai is a city that will mesmerize you with its sights, sounds and smells!

If you are you looking out for some incredible authentic Mumbai experience, then we recommend you to go for our Mumbai Moments tours.

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If you are a leisure traveler or on a business, we help you to discover the essence of this city with our specialized and personalized, private and group, customized Mumbai city tours.

We have a set of well cultured, professional and highly qualified and very informative fluent English speaking local Mumbai tour guides who have vast knowledge of insights of this mega city and its day-to-day life!

All our Mumbai tours are highly personalized, special and exclusive to give you a personal touch, may it be shopping tour, motorbike tour, temple tour, market tour or the Mumbai solo women traveler tour or the Mumbai single women traveler tour.

Our tour guide in Mumbai will help you to explore this dazzling metropolis and who are passionate about their city and knowledgeable about its nooks and crannies. We just don’t show you the Mumbai touristic places but also hidden hangouts and offbeat sites!

They will be more than happy to talk and laugh with you sharing anything to everything that Mumbai has to offer. Before you leave Mumbai we want you to enrich yourself with profound knowledge of understanding of Mumbai, its people, its fascinating rituals & traditions and the most important secret of happy smiling faces!

So if it’s the Mumbai sightseeing, Local Cuisine, Handicrafts, Souveniers, Shopping in Mumbai or anything else that you fancy, please tell us and we’ll plan out a perfect itinerary for you!

We specialize in the most exclusive personalized day tours in Mumbai and Mumbai sightseeing with opulence & luxury.

If you don’t know where to get started, we’ve listed some of the most popular different Mumbai tours – besides the Mumbai city Tours, Mumbai Single Women Traveler tours or Mumbai Single Female traveler tours, Motorbike tours, Markets, Walks, Shopping, Temples, Caves, Cruise Ship Excursions, Mumbai Cooking Tour, Mumbai Street Photography and local Food tasting tour!

Take your pick, anything else you’d like to do? Just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you!

So, come you are invited to touch, feel and live this mega phenomenon, Mumbai!


Certificate of Excellence

There is a reason why Mumbai Moments is the only tour company in Mumbai to be awarded the

'Certificate of Excellence'

consecutively for the past 9 years.
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