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Namaste’ and a Warm Welcome to all our very dear Guests coming to Magnificent Mumbai via Cruise ships and are looking forward to the most authentic and the most amazing real Mumbai tours.

Mumbai is one city that you just can’t ‘see’ but you also need to ‘feel’ it through all your senses. It’s a riot of colours, super vibrant & exciting, and is a combination of infinite smells, sights & sounds!

We are a set of cultured, professional, highly qualified and very informative fluent English speaking local Mumbai tour guides who have vast knowledge about the colonial history and deep insights about Mumbai and its day-to-day life! With a great passion for tourism, we would love to open the gates for you to our hearts and soul, and feel extremely happy to talk and laugh with you, sharing anything & everything all that Mumbai has to offer.

May it be Classic colonial Architecture, Heritage buildings & Monuments, Beautifully detailed carved Hindu & Jain Temples, Walks through the most hustling and bustling Markets (Bazaars), Hidden Hangouts, Out of the ordinary Tourist sites, A cup of natural & fresh Indian Masala chai with Ginger (on demand) and so much more!

Our tour guide in Mumbai would tell you all the beautiful stories and history linked with Colonial & Tourist sites, Charismatic Culture, Divine spirituality, Incredible Indian Freedom struggle, Mystical Mythology, Indian Arts & Handicrafts, Masala Chai (tea) & even starry Bollywood!

This Mumbai day tour is completely private and personalized Mumbai tours just for you and your family or your group. This is not a Mumbai ‘sightseeing’ tour, but actually ‘sight feeling’ tour.

We want you to ‘Live’ Mumbai and ‘Love’ Mumbai as we locals do, to this land of Maximum contrast and a city of Unlimited dreams! Before leaving Mumbai, we want you to enrich yourself with a profound knowledge of understanding of Mumbai, its people and its fascinating rituals & traditions and the most important secret of Happy smiling faces!!

For us, you are not a client anymore, but a friend and a family of ours, forever and beyond!!

If you don’t know where to start from, we have a day itinerary all ready for you.

This tour covers all the must-see places on any traveler’s itinerary:

1) Gateway of India
2) Mani Bhawan - Gandhi House
3) Dhobi Ghat- Open Air Laundry
4) Victoria Terminus Train Station
5) Marine Drive & the Chowpatty Beach
6) Hanging Gardens
7) Kamla Nehru Park
8) Mumbai University
9) Oval Ground - Cricket
10) Rajabai Clock Tower
11) Jain/Krishna Temple
12) Crawford Market
13) Shopping (optional)

After the tour gets over, if one wants they can do some shopping of beautiful Pashmina Shawls, Indian Spices & Masala, Souveniers & Mementos, Arts & Handicrafts, Exclusive & Costume Jewellery, Indian traditional ethnic wear, Customized tailoring of Suits and shirts, Kashmir Carpets (not Flying) :) and so much more!!

Do you have anything in mind that you would want to see or do while you are here in Mumbai besides the above mentioned places we can add the places you wish to see and remove some of the above as per your wish, please email us and we will try to make it happen for you!

If you are a Single/Solo Traveler visiting Mumbai and staying in South Mumbai you can also do this tour on a motorbike with us – Mumbai on a Moto!

Our Mumbai tours are very much designed to give you a personal touch and feel of this vibrating and mesmerizing magnificent city.

Before you leave Mumbai, we want you to enrich yourself with a profound knowledge of understanding of Mumbai, its people and its fascinating rituals & traditions and the most important secret of happy smiling faces!

Once again we heartily welcome you with open arms and hearts, warm smiles and hugs, and lots of positive energy & aura, to this mesmerizing and fascinating city, ‘Mumbai’.


Time & Schedule

Available all days of the week.
The tour runs during the day & evenings as well.
Timings are flexible based on your convenience.
The tour would last for about 4 or 6 hours depending upon the time duration you choose.

Personalized Pick up & Drop back

We would pick you up and drop you back to the Mumbai Cruise Ship Terminal, Outside the Green Gate at the Indira Docks, or at the Mumbai Domestic or International Airport, Hotels in South or North Mumbai or at Home in an Air conditioned Car or Mini Bus.

(Please find the photo attached of the Green Gate, Cruise Terminal).

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, we would recommend you to stay in South Mumbai (Colaba), as that’s where all the Tourist sites, Temples, Markets, Shops, Cruise Terminal etc. are located, including the very famous Gateway of India & the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.


Inclusive & Price

- Pick up in an Air-conditioned Car or a Mini Bus.
- For a Motorbike tour, Pickup & Drop back only in South Mumbai/Cruise Terminal.

- You will always be accompanied by our cultured, professional and highly qualified and very informative fluent English speaking local tour guides, who are also high standard drivers and have vast knowledge and deep insights about Mumbai and its day-to-day life!

-Well researched and personalized tour itinerary that is fluid through the day to accommodate your preferences.

- All entrance tickets wherever applicable.
-Wet Tissues
- Bottled Water
- Drop back at the Mumbai Cruise Ship Terminal Outside the Green Gate, Indira Docks, Or at the Mumbai Domestic or International Airport, Hotel or at Home.

The prices are based on the number of people doing the tour, Any other tours you choose, and the duration of each tour.

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