Mumbai Festival & Cultural Tour : Live India

India is famous for its diversified culture and fantastic festivals & Mumbai is one city where most of the Festivals are celebrated with huge pomp and happiness.

Mumbai being the financial capital of India, there are people hailing from all states and it’s an incredible mix of castes and cultures, people and their festivals.

Thought all the festivals in Mumbai are celebrated with grand pomp and happiness, but few are very special such as the Ganesha (Elephanta Headed God), Holi ( Colour Festival) Diwali (Festival of Lights) and the Govinda ( Human Pyramid) Festival.

Holi Festival (The festival of Colors) it’s a cool festival where you play with lots of colours and it allows you to be a local and be with the locals. This is a festival that is close to every Indians heart and soul. In this colour festival the belief is that people should forget all differences and disputes and Hug each other with warmth and affection and apply colors on each other. In this festival people will put all types of various colors on each other all over the body and put lots of colored water as well.

Please contact us with your approx Mumbai arrival dates and we will tell you which festivals are coming up.
This will be a small and personalized group tour with other travellers.

So come on our Mumbai Festival tour (cultural tour) and enjoy the local festivals in the most authentic way as we locals do!
Please Come, you are heartily Invited!!

Festival & Cultural Dates

Please enrol for Holi, Diwali & Ganesha Tours now !
Ganesh Idol Immersion : 08 Sep 2014
Diwali Festival : 23 Oct 2014
Holi Festival : 07 Mar 2015
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Register Now for our Holi Tour NOW!

Please feel free to enroll for the exotic Holi Tour which will take place in the month of March.
Date : 16th March 2014.
Come experience this vibrant, colourful & exotic festival.
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