Mumbai Scooter Tour : Mumbai on Moto

“When in Rome do as the Romans do, in Mumbai do as the locals do”

Scooter!!! is the most loved mode of transport of people of Mumbai. More and more people are now investing into scooters especially when the fuel prices are going high, and also that’s the most quickest way of beating the crazy Mumbai traffic.

When was the last time you had the chance of sitting on a scooter and have fun?
If you can’t remember when you did that last, then it’s your chance now to cruise around on a back of a scooter with us and experience the mega fun like never before!

Scooter tours in Mumbai are just so cool and fun, zooming through the Mumbai streets with some cool breeze on a hot Mumbai day and to view and experience real Mumbai from a local’s level. Squeezing through that traffic and getting those quick get-aways at the lights; nothing compares.

You can ‘see’ Mumbai in an AC car, but you cannot ‘feel’ Mumbai, as the way we locals do while riding our scooters. Our guided Mumbai tours on the scooters are one of its kinds.
You can trust us; as your safety comes on a high priority.

You will always be driven around very safe on our Scooter tour and all our machines are from the famous HONDA company. You will be provided a safety helmet as a pillion rider.

Our Mumbai Tour itinerary is completely flexible, as there is no fixed route as such. If you don’t have any specific places to see, allow us and we can show you some amazing offbeat/out of ordinary places, Hidden hotspots, Crazy Markets, colourful contrasts of rich and poor and the happy people of our Mumbai!

Scooter is the best thing to cruise around on in Mumbai to beat the traffic. The best thing about a scooter tour is that it never gets trapped in the traffic the way a car does.

We have had very many single travelers doing our scooter tours and they have loved it! As you can’t imagine how much fun it is until you don’t do a scooter tour by your own self. A scooter tour in Mumbai is an absolute Mega Fun!

This Mumbai Day tour on a scooter is completely dedicated to the spirit of the Mumbai people as this is the most important way of transportation for them.

Our tour guide in Mumbai will tell you all the beautiful stories and history linked with Colonial & tourist sites, Charismatic Culture, Divine spirituality, Incredible Indian Freedom struggle, Mystical Mythology, Indian Arts & Handicrafts, Masala Chai (tea) & even starry Bollywood!

Before you leave Mumbai, we want you to enrich yourself with a profound knowledge of understanding of Mumbai, its people and its fascinating rituals & traditions and the most important secret of happy smiling faces!!

Our Mumbai city tours are very much designed to give you a personal touch and feel of this vibrating and mesmerizing magnificent city.

Once again we heartily welcome you with open arms and hearts, warm smiles and hugs, and lots of positive energy & aura, to this mesmerizing and fascinating city, ‘Mumbai’.

So, come Let’s Go!


Time & Schedule

The tour runs during the day & evenings as well.
Timings are flexible based on your convenience.
The tour would last for about 4 or 6 hours depending upon the time duration you choose.
This tour is available for 1 person only.
This tour starts and ends at South Mumbai.

Personalized Pick up & Drop back

We would pick you up and drop you back to the Mumbai Cruise Ship Terminal, Outside the Green Gate at the Indira Docks, Hotels in South Mumbai or at Home on a Scooter.

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, we would recommend you to stay in South Mumbai (Colaba), as that’s where all the Tourist sites, Temples, Markets, Shops, Cruise Terminal etc. are located, including the very famous Gateway of India & the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.


Inclusive & Price

- Pick up on a Scooter from Hotel in South Mumbai/ Mumbai Cruise Ship Terminal Outside the Green Gate, Indira Docks or Home.
-Safety Helmet


- You will always be accompanied by our cultured, professional and highly qualified and very informative fluent English speaking local tour guides, who are also high standard drivers and have vast knowledge and deep insights about Mumbai and its day-to-day life!

-Well researched and personalized tour itinerary that is fluid through the day to accommodate your preferences.
- All entrance tickets wherever applicable.
-Wet Tissues
- Bottled Water
- Drop back at the Mumbai Cruise Ship Terminal Outside the Green Gate, Indira Docks, Hotel in South Mumbai or at Home.

The prices are based on the number of people doing the tour, Any other tours you choose, and the duration of each tour.

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