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Best Value, Best tour guide in Mumbai, Best value for Money. Thank you.
My friend and I arrived in Mumbai at the perfect time as it was the Ganesha festival. There were shrines to the god Ganesha everywhere, music and dancing in the streets, fireworks.... It was the perfect setting for our whirlwind tour of Mumbai. We had one day to see as much as possible so opted for a personalized day tour with Mumbai Moments. This was the best choice we could have made. We saw so much and had the benefits of Amish's knowledge, enthusiasm, clear love of the city which meant we had interesting discussions as well as the best Masala chai and great food as part of the tour. Seriously, when Amish told us we were going to have the best Masala chai in Mumbai, I was open to the experience and part of me did not quite believe it. All I can say is, I am still thinking about that masala chai! And I am not someone who usually drinks milky sweet tea and having had other masala chai in Mumbai, I can honestly say that none even came close to this.
It was amazing as was our lunch. Our driver and additional tour guide, Mobin, was exceptional too, masterfully navigating dense traffic in his comfortable air conditionred car. The whole experience was rich, fun, interesting and a real adventure. I would definitely book them again
--- Ankti, UK.
Excellent company, great guides, now great friends!”
It was my first visit to Mumbai and I was a little anxious. I arrived the hotel where my guide (now my dear friend) from Mumbai Moments was to meet me that morning, Mobin called my room 15 minutes before the schedule time and said he was waiting in the lobby whenever I was ready. Meeting Mobin for the first time was the start of a great friendship, I wanted a private tour and that’s exactly what I got. Mobin was knowledgeable, knew exactly what I had in mind, arranged whatever I wanted (even a suit stitched in 24 hours) and never said no. We had a busy morning and decided to stop for lunch, where Omg I meet Amish who I believe his knowledge about food is equally amazing to his knowledge about Mumbai.
I could not agree more with Ankti about the Masala chai where Amish, Mobin and myself went to after lunch, wow best chai I have ever drunk and the way it is made is an art in itself. Amish called it ChaiBucks. Two days of experiencing Mumbai with Mobin and Amish, even the few hours on the motorcycle with Amish, has been a great experience. I would definitely recommend them and book with them again.
-Cliff, Tanzania.
Experience Mumbai with Mumbai Moments
Traveling for business, I had one day to see Mumbai and took a chance on Mumbai Moments. Happily, I had an excellent experience in Mumbai with Amish Sheth (28) and Mumbai Moments was very efficient. With respect to the downtown area, I was given an understanding of the place without having to guess where I was going and getting the local history and insight along the way. Starting at the Gateway of India and taking a walk, a bus ride and a short jaunt on the train exposed in 6 hours some astounding sights. We saw a very active 22 acre cricket field, the Mumbai Laundry, Victoria Station, Mumbai University, Mumbai's high courts, Gandhi's home and even snuck in lunch at a local restaurant. There were so many things to see and so much that I wanted to capture that my camera was out of battery by the time I was finally dropped of at my hotel in Juhu Beach!
---Ryan, US.
Amazing Mumbai Tour that gives you a glimpse of Real Mumbai.

Mumbai Moments is a tour company that offer walking or car-based tours of Mumbai, either from an existing programme or on a completely personalised basis. I did a personalised tour with Amish Sheth that was a totally memorable, brilliant experience.

We visited various markets, (where Amish haggled for jewellery on my behalf!), a Jain temple and went for a wonderful lunch. Along the way, I learnt so much about Mumbai, and most importantly Indian cluture and personality in a way that no guide book could replicate. Amish was a wonderful guide, he came well equipped with bottled water and a gift and was a true gentleman.

I would recommend one of these tours to any visitor to Mumbai as an excellent introduction to the city and its people. Amish believes strongly in sustainable responsible tourism and is extremely sensitive to the community around him.

-----Lizzie, UK.
Absolutely recommended for single female traveler

I traveled to Mumbai on a short business trip. I had a great day on the Mumbai Moments tour with Amish.

Mumbai was really an amazing place to visit, and having an enthusiastic guide with extensive local knowledge really helped me to get the most out of my trip. The tour is very well thought out - got the chance to travel on the local buses, train and taxis as part of the 'real Mumbai' experience. Also lots of entertaining stories and anecdotes along the way...

The tour helped bring this fascinating place alive! I would highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Mumbai - especially if you do not have a lot of time for sightseeing and want to make the most of the time available.

---- Isabelle, New York.
Experience Real Mumbai
I had a truly wonderful Mumbai City visit thanks to Amish who tailored the 8hour tour as per my interest and also included sights which you wont find in any of the travel guides. He showed me “the real Mumbai” (as Amish called it) off the typical tourist route.
Amish is very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to his job as well as to his clients. I really enjoyed my time with him and learned many interesting things about history, culture and religion from our conversations. Moreover he saved me various times from being run over by crazy mumbaikar drivers :) and negotiated for vendors on my behalf to ensure that I am not taken advantage as a light-skinned tourist. I can highly recommend his services and I am sure he will create your tour as pleasant as mine.
-Martina, Norway.
Best tour of Mumbai with Mumbai Moments

This review is intended to praise with the highest honors our Mumbai guide, Amish Sheth of "Mumbai Moments." We found him on the Internet & he was everything we wished for- and more. He picked 6 of us up at our ship for a day's tour of this complicated & contradictory city. His van was superbly air-conditioned- with comfortable, individual seats for all of us.

His English is impeccable & totally understandable to our American ears. He had a perfect plan to see the highlights of the city that we had requested, plus suggestions of his own that were equally fascinating. He selected a vegetarian Indian restaurant for lunch that was packed with locals (no tourist trap this), & absolutely delicious. He even took us to his own home so we could see a true, private apartment.

He is bright, energetic, entrepreneurial, funny & nice. Some of us had tears in our eyes as we parted ways at the port. If you are going to Mumbai & want to see it with a guide, you could not do better than to choose Amish Sheth of "Mumbai Moments."

---Mary, US.
Fantastic Day In Mumbai
We would just like to add to all the wonderful reviews that Amish and Mumbai Moments have already had. He is a fantastic guide who is so responsive to his guests. He almost seemed to be able to read our minds in terms of what we would enjoy! He adds such a personal touch and is also extremely entertaining. We cannot recommend him highly enough.
---Alan and Barbara, Scotland.
Perfect end to our Cruise
My partner and I chose Mumbai Moments based on other Trip Advisor reviews and were not disappointed. Amish was fantastic to work with in planning our day. He was more than kind and accommodating our needs. We arrived around 12:30 and chose to do a six hour tour without meals. Manik, our guide, was delightful. She was very knowledgeable and we learned more than we thought possible as we were shown the sights of Mumbai. Amish offered to try and set up something for a larger group of 6 or 8 but it didn't happen. His flexibility and professionalism were a joy to deal with.We'd recommend Mumbai Moments to everyone.
----Richard, Australia.
Mumbai in One day.
As part of our recently completed World Cruise we stopped off in Mumbai on March 31st. The all day city tour had been easily arranged by e-mail and as promised Amish met us at the Green Gate of the port. Before lunch we visited several sights and had plenty of opportunities to take photos. Amish joined us at the restaurant to ensure that we had enjoyed the lunch (excellent) and were enjoying the tour, which we were. After lunch more attractions and photo ops. All too soon the tour was over and we were back at the port. Both our guide and driver were excellent and as we'll as Amish had made it a superb day out. We had been slightly nervous about our day in Mumbai but thanks to Amish and his team we can't wait to go back. Thanks Amish.
---Angela & George in Glasgow, Scotland.
Highly recommended for solo women travelers

I found myself in Mumbai at both the beginning and end of a work trip. And I wanted to make sure I made the most of my time there, as it was a new city for me to explore.

Naturally as I was traveling on my own, I was hesitant about booking a solo tour guide. But the reviews for Mumbai Moments made me feel comfortable, and I took the plunge.

And I'm so glad I did. I found Amish to be absolutely fantastic. He was terrific company, showed me both the obvious as well as the secret gems of Mumbai (e. The Chai chai I've ever tasted). He is respectful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible to all my requirements and requests (from organizing an airport pick up to helping locate a very specific item to being home for my son), kind...and a great conversationalist too. And, most importantly for a solo female traveler, I felt completely safe.

I strongly recommend Mumbai Moments to anyone visiting Mumbai, particularly if you are short of time. It's worth every penny.

--Melissa, California.
Highlight of my cruise
Having just returned from a cruise, I have to say Mumbai and my tour with Mumbai moments was the best day I had. Having been to Mumbai on several occasions before, I decided on contacting Amish (owner) for ideas as I have seen most of the tourist sights on previous visits. I decided on a bike ride to see local life. Amish was on time and I felt very comfortable with him straight away. I saw places I didn't know existed, had a super lunch with Amish and one of his other guides. We were later taken back to meet his parents, where his mum made drinks for us and made us very welcome. It was a day I will always remember. Thank you Amish
Anyone looking for a special day in Mumbai, contact Amish and feel the pulse of this amazing city.
--- Julie, UK.
Super Great Tour!
I have Amish contacted by telephone, and was already at the interview convinced that he would provide a good guide. He was humorous, supplemented with good suggestions on my, admittedly little judicious inspection plans, and above all, he spoke a very clear, well-to-understand English. We booked Amish's services for two days, on the first day of the visit to Mumbai, and for the second day we planned a Slumtour. Amish and his guide, Mobin, picked us up on time at very Kreutz ship terminal from a leader who assumed the leadership of the first day and an air-conditioned car with driver was included in the package. The car driver was extremely pleasant, as we were able to get off anytime, anywhere, Mobin our guide took us to the sights we wanted to see closer, while the driver was able to take care of the car. We learned Mumbai know really well, ate lunch in a vegetarian restaurant, which was really excellent and the food was very tasty. (Table was reserviet) So the first day went by in, and we were dropped off at the Kreutz ship terminal in the late afternoon. On the second day we took a Slumtour, this led Amish person. So we took the train (an experience in itself!) To one of the many slums in Mumbai and were shown around by Amish there. This was the very best trip that my wife and I had ever made. We were afraid at first to be received as an unwanted curious in the slums, but just the opposite was the case. Amish introduced us to the people there before, we talked with them, learned and saw how these people work, only to find that we were even welcomed. We went there by not only curious looking, but visited in the truest sense, the people there, a moving experience. If one repeatedly encounters beggars in the city, so this was in the slums is not the case, the people working there very hard, under such dire conditions that most Europeans can not even imagine, and yet one meets satisfied people's heart radiate when they are photographed. This visit was very touched us emotionally, and I can only recommend this tour to everyone do with Amish.
-Paul, Manhattan, US.
Highly recommended, Great Value.

My colleague and I contacted Amish, the founder of Mumbai Moments, the day before arriving in Mumbai for the first time and asked if he could arrange a quick "must see" tour for us between our meetings. We were on a very tight schedule but Amish was able to customize and take us on an unforgettable trip and set of "moments" throughout Mumbai. He worked with us by phone and email to understand what our priorities were (tight schedule, see local mumbai spots both on and off the beaten path) ... we saw important historical places, a great shop for pashminas and carpets (selected by us and validated as a good place to go by him), a delicious local food place (clean, tasty, safe), dhobi ghatt (local laundry - a must see), crawford market (where we bought spices), etc. I should note that my colleague and I had a series of recommended places to go from friends in Mumbai so we briefly considered simply hiring a car from the hotel for the day and exploring the city on our own ... having now experienced Mumbai with Amish, we're glad we chose to use Mumbai Moments as we surely gained a better understanding and formed a connection with Mumbai that we simply could never have done on our own.

And in terms of the basics that one might be concerned with: Amish was always calculating and recalculating where we should go next based on traffic, weather, time of day, etc so that we'd have the optimal experience and still make our next meeting. He and his driver provided safe transport for us all day - we didn't hesitate to leave our belongings in the car for a second. 

In short, it was an incredible day and the tour was perfectly customized to our needs 
and interests. My colleague and I couldn't recommend it more highly. 

(Note: Amish informed us the Mumbai Moments also does specialized tours with 'themes' ... religious (if you want to see temples, mosques, etc), historical, specialized shopping, etc. He is incredibly well connected in Mumbai and I'm confident that he would be able to arrange pretty much anything you need.)

-David, New York.
Loved the Shopping Tour- Shop till you Drop!
We were in Mumbai for a day on the Azamara Quest, and I wanted to buy authentic Indian stuff such as spices, Cashmere rugs and Indian dresses for our niece and, Amish took us to the best authentic stores, reasonably priced and good quality. I would totally recommend Amish and his team for the best experience.
-Nancy, US.

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