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Sari might be a fashionable garment now, but it started out being a humble drape used by women thousands of years ago. The origin of the drape or a garment similar to the sari can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization, in North West India. The first mention of saris (alternately spelled sarees) is in the Rig Veda, a Hindu book of hymns dating to 3,000 B.C

Saris began with cotton cultivation, followed by cotton weaving which became a large part of the era's textile industry. Weavers started using prevalent dyes like indigo, lac, red madder, and turmeric to produce the drape used by women to hide their modesty.

In India, textile development influenced the designs of saris, which started incorporating figures, motifs, and flowers that were weaved with gold and silver threads around precious stones.

The sari has always been India's own identity, a garment that reflects a woman's elegance and beauty. India has various types of sari styles that have inspired the fashion outlook of the entire world. This makes the sari the first garment of Indian origin to have achieved phenomenal appreciation globally.

What started as India's first seamless garment evolved into the symbol of Indian femininity and pride.

It will be an unforgettable experience to watch a professional draper adjust a magnificently adorned garment on you. And make you feel beautiful and like a real Indian.

Our sari draper specialist doubles also as a make-up artist and hair stylist who can do a complete transformation and make you feel no less than a Bollywood star.

Wearing such a beautiful sari and looking so posh and sophisticated, why not enjoy a nice meal at one of the very finest restaurant in the city? Enjoy your 'wow' moment before we drop you back at your hotel in our spacious air-conditioned chauffeur-driven car.

PS: With some extra charges, we can also arrange a professional photographer for you and arrange a photo shoot in the hotel lobby.

So please drop us a line at:  and we’ll be happy to make it happen for you!

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